About OCC

What We Stand For

Our Mission is to bring a live coding experience to home schooled children for an affordable price. Parents who home school their children would buy programming courses online and hope that their children can follow it and learn something from it. Allow that works in some situations, there is no one live to answer their questions, or provide a social aspect which is important in today’s world. This company provides the solutions to this problem.

How did occ began?

In 2019, OCC was founded by Leaton Mitchell a full stack developer with a passion for teaching kids. He started a part-time position online teaching kids of all ages programing. During this time, he became more aware of how many children are homeschool and need this type of education. With a leap of faith, he ended his full-time and part-time employments to dedicate his time into creating a platform just for homeschooled children across America.

What makes us different?

We are live!

Online Code Coaching is different than simply buying an online course with the hopes that you or your child will learn something. We are live and engaging with the student to build a real relationship to help you as a parent succeed with homeschooling.